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Therapy Room Rentals

We have professional therapy rooms for rental on a short-term basis (hourly, weekly or monthly rates available). The rooms are spacious and are suitable for hypnotherapists, counsellors,  psychologists and other mind-body practitioners.

The office is located in a lovely Orchard Road area and it is easily accessible by MRT and public transportation. There is also a taxi stand available in front of the office building.

Please email us at info@petrahypnosis.com or call us at (65) 6-734-5581 / (65) 9-100-0432 for more information.

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Therapy Room 1


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Interested in renting space for training seminars or group workshops? Please click here for more information: Training Space Rentals

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Available Space For Professionals

Lovely Orchard location, quiet, spacious and professional therapy rooms and training space.

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