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Reiki: Universal Life Force Energy

Upcoming Course Dates

Reiki 1: 11th June 2016
10am – 3pm
Fee: $300

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy. In simple English, it means Cosmic Energy. It is that energy which is abundantly found in the Universe. A reiki practitioner taps such energy from the Universe and channels it through his body as healing energy. Reiki works on the concept of Chakra system. Chakras are energy centres which control the functioning of the body, physical and meta-physical.

How Does Reiki Energy Healing Work?

Benefits of Reiki

  • Alternative therapy – it heals : Physical, Mental and Emotional issues
  • Also works on situations in life
  • Relaxes, de-stresses and rejuvenates
  • Works on self and others
  • Balances body’s energies
  • Removes negative blocks
  • Cleanses the body of all toxins
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Distant healing is possible
  • Works equally well on plants and animals

Easy to learn, easy to practice …
Reiki can be learnt over a weekend through a qualified master who attunes the initiatee. The first level allows the student to perform “Hands On” healing by physical touch on self and others. The second level further empowers and enables the practitioner to perform Distant or Absentee healing. In addition, the practitioner acquires other tools such as space clearing, creating a protective shield, etc.

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