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One-Day MindSlim Program

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This course will be conducted by Juli Triharto, a well known slimming expert from Indonesia, who has kindly agreed to teach his popular course here, using a tried and tested method to help participants lose weight without the use of pills, injections, needles or even exercise.

It uses five main principles related to how the mind works. This course is useful not only for those who want to lose weight but also for those who would like to learn the right principles to maintain their weight. Also this course will be useful for anyone who wants to use the principles to coach any member of their family who for some reason or other is unable to come for this course.

This program does not require you to change your diet or to avoid any kind of food. The amazing thing is that it works and there are many success stories of people having lost weight in a space of about six months to a year and a few people who are very much obese and not following the program consistently have taken about two years to shed all the extra pounds.

If you want to look good and to be able to wear the clothes you love and if you want to be fitter and healthier, this is the course for you. For those of you who are not obese, you may also be interested in this course so that you can learn about how you can utilise the power of your mind to stay fit and healthy. So there is no more worries about going out to restaurants, enjoying parties and festivities, or eating your favourite dishes.

The reason why avoiding any particular food is not recommended in this program has to do with one of the Laws of Hypnosis – the Law of Reversed Effect. The more you try to avoid certain foods, the more you crave for it. So this course will teach you to enjoy food, to stop craving for any particular food, to learn to trust your body, to be more conscious and aware, to live life fully and have fun while shedding all that extra fats.

The beauty is there are no pills to take, no injections and no needles involved and there is no need to avoid any kind of food and there is also no need to exercise unless you want to.

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