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Much of the therapeutic work we do will be done when you are in hypnosis. Typically, 4 to 6 hypnotherapy sessions are recommended to permanently effect the changes you want in your life. The work we do in each hypnotherapy session is different, and is always more powerful than the previous one! You get better and better with each hypnotherapy session, until you are completely healed.

 You will also be taught self-hypnosis techniques so that you will be equipped to handle any challenges that you may encounter in the future by yourself.

A session comprises of the therapy and self-hypnosis training – each session amounts to 2 – 2.5 hours. Some sessions can last longer, depending on the exact challenge we are working with. We do not charge extra when we need to work more than the standard 2 hours, as is often the case. Our primary objective is to put in the necessary work so that you obtain your objectives!

All sessions are strictly confidential. We adhere to the strictest client-therapist confidentiality norms.

Some of the challenges that we can help with include:-

Anxiety and Panic Attacks



Loss or grief

Personal issues

Lack of confidence, low self esteem

Family and relationship issues

Child behavioural issues

NOTE: we work with a multitude of challenges that might not be listed above, so if interested please contact us for a free consultation to find out more.

We will use the free consultation to explain hypnosis and our hypnotherapy techniques, and to explore how best we can help you – if you are interested, please sign-up below. We will follow-up with an email to schedule a convenient time to call you. Every effort will be made to respond within the same day.

Alternatively, you may call to speak to our professional hypnotherapists at (65) 9-100-0432.

Please keep in mind that this initial consultation is FREE and is in total confidence.

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