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Feedback From Hypnosis Clients

Feedback From Clients

Here is what some of our past clients have had to say about doing hypnotherapy with us for a few selected challenges (note: we work with a multitude of challenges that might not be listed below, so if interested please contact us to find out more). All of the comments from our hypnotherapy clients that are published below are with written and signed consent (all comments are in original form, and grammatical mistakes or misspellings have not been not corrected). Only the initials of the clients’ names are used here so as to protect therapist-client confidentiality. The original copies, with client written and signed consent, are available for viewing in our office.

“I want to say a sincere thank you to you, F. At a time when I was feeling very lost, you were like a steady steadfast pillar of support. I went for your hypnotherapy sessions as a last resort. I had seeked help from other professionals too, but felt that there was no one who could help me anymore. Remember, when I first met you Fauziah, I cried, because finally I felt that someone could truly offer me assurance and hope. I did not know what hypnotherapy was about, but you took the time to slowly guide me through the process in a non threatening, non judgemental and safe environment. After the first few sessions, I felt much improved and in control. You also helped me work through some issues, providing an objective eye and different perspectives. After meeting various professionals, I think what truly sets you, Fauziah, apart is your sincerity in wanting to help your clients. Often even when our sessions ran overtime, you did not complain or rush, and was just there, patiently listening and guiding me. Life is full of ups and downs and I am so grateful I met you. Thank you very very much for being there to help me to stand up again!”
– O.

“I have more confidence now and I have learnt to take things easy. Everyone thinks I am now more open-minded too. I have more self-control and I am able to neutralize any angry thoughts with positive thoughts and I am able to express myself better instead of getting angry with others for not understanding me”
– L.T.

“The hypnotherapy that Ms Shah was patient and kind enough to conduct for me was fruitful….it was the 2nd recognition that I felt was beneficial to my morale and mindset. Talking to the kid in me made me remember how it feels like to remain optimistic, joyful, curious, unafraid…and afterall, I’m lovable! Yep, this part of the hypnosis session I found most memorable and effective. Many thanks Ms Shah!”
– W.L.

Through these sessions, I’ve learnt a lot about myself. These are fears and self-doubts that I’ve been unable and unwilling to verbalise to myself till now. Now that they have surfaced, I know what are the issues bothering me and now I know what are the steps I need to take to become a better person to the people around me and to attain happiness. I’ve also learnt valuable skills in self-hypnosis and skills on dealing with anxiety, which I will apply in any situation that I may face. Thank you for your guidance and patience!
– C.R.S.

When I first came to do hypnosis, I was facing anxiety issues. My mind was very cluttered with unnecessary thoughts that was bugging me. After completing the hypnosis sessions, i have learnt many useful tools to help counter my anxiety and even other issues within my life that is currently making me have barriers to achieve what happiness I used to have. I liked how the hypnosis sessions changed my thought process to deal with mental barriers, in ways that I could not have imagined before. The hypnosis sessions are definitely useful for me to do on my own to even reinforce for myself in future situations. My confidence has been restored for the most part, and I am definitely looking to regain all of it back.
– S.S.

Since I did hypnosis, I have learnt more about myself. I have started understanding myself and realise that I CAN CHANGE. I have the power to change. I learnt about why my old habits have affected the person I am today, and that its not too late to change those habits. I’m learning to love myself, becoming more confident and realising that I deserve love and respect in my life, not only from others but more importantly from myself. I feel empowered! Thank you!
_ S.M.

The sessions has helped me to be more positive on how I see things in life. I have slowly turned into becoming a more happy and positive person. I no longer feel so depressed. I am able to control my emotions and not feeling bad about myself anymore. I have started feeling good about myself. I am thankful to have attend this sessions. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my important goal that is to move on with life and be more confident that I can do better things in life. THANK YOU!

More client feedback available at the office.

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