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What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a tool that is used in a professional setting by a certified and trained professional hypnotherapist or hypnotist to help you change the negative behaviours, feelings, thoughts, or beliefs that have contributed to the problem that you wish to resolve.


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Hypnotherapy is the therapy work that a certified and trained professional hypnotherapist or hypnotist does to help you form the necessary insights into your unwanted attitude, behaviour or negative feelings, and in doing so, help you to change for the better and to achieve your objectives. This is all achieved while you are in a hypnotic state.

The professional hypnotherapist gives you carefully worded instructions to follow with the aim of helping you enter into a state of deep relaxation and focused attention. This process is called the hypnosis induction. For the hypnosis induction to be effective, you must cooperate and be a willing and active participant in the process.

Once you are in a hypnotic state, you are more suggestible to positive statements. By being in the hypnotic state of increased suggestibility, the mental clutter and negative thoughts that are prevalent in your conscious mind are cleared; this enables you to focus on the hypnotherapist’s positive suggestions and be open to experiencing new perspectives and solutions to your challenges. When you are in the hypnotic state, you will be aware of everything that is going on, and you will be able to recall the work that we did when you emerge from hypnosis.

In addition to hypnotherapy, our therapists may apply different therapeutic modalities and techniques (such as counseling, neuro-linguistic programming, or natural healing) to help our clients uncover, confront and address the root causes of their unhappiness or behavioural problems, and in the process help our clients to achieve their objectives.

Our therapists will work with you to decide what is the best treatment and service to provide to you that best suits your specific individual situation. We will create positive strategies and techniques to help you regain control of your life.

Typically, 4 to 6 hypnotherapy sessions are recommended to permanently effect the changes you want in your life. The work we do in each hypnotherapy session is different, and is always more powerful than the previous one! You get better and better with each hypnotherapy session, until you are completely healed.

You will also be taught self-hypnosis techniques so that you will be equipped to handle any challenges that you may encounter in the future by yourself.

All sessions are strictly confidential. We adhere to the strictest client-therapist confidentiality norms.

 According to a survey of psychotherapy literature by Alfred A. Barrios (Source: American Health Magazine), the following recovery rates were revealed:

Hypnotherapy – 93% recovery after 6 sessions
Psychoanalysis – 38% recovery after 600 sessions
Behavioural Therapy – 72% recovery after 22 sessions

Additional Advantages of Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnotherapy is a non-intrusive, natural and safe alternative healing approach
  • Most clients will need only 5-6 regular sessions to resolve their issues
  • Clients will be equipped with necessary life-long skills to handle any possible recurrence of their issues by themselves
  • On-going support is available to clients after regular sessions end


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