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Upcoming Self-Hypnosis Workshops Schedule

Basic Self-Hypnosis Workshops

Upcoming 2-Day Workshop:
April 17, 2015: 7pm to 9.30pm
April 18, 2015: 9.30am to 5.30pm
Fees (inclusive of both days): $300

If you are unable to make it for the above dates, but keen on joining us on another date, please indicate your interest by signing up below, and we will contact you when a new course date is scheduled.

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is described as a state of altered consciousness characterized by deep relaxation and increased focus. The focus associated with hypnosis can be so intense that other cues in the environment are ignored, or completely shut out of consciousness. Increased suggestibility is also thought to be associated with a hypnotic state, because a person is detached from his or her usual ability to judge and criticize. Self-hypnosis refers to the process of reaching this state by self-suggestion. Self-hypnosis can be used for self-improvement and personal growth, as well as psychological wellness.

Benefits of Self-Hypnosis

Practicing self-hypnosis can be beneficial in many profound ways: to rid onself of old habits and addictions; improve one’s mood; improve relationships; help to reduce stress, increase confidence; improve study habits and exam performance; heal from stress-induced illnesses; answer one’s calling in life; bring one’s highest philosophies and beliefs into one’s everyday life. It can be frustrating to learn self-hypnosis from a book or a video, especially if you are attempting it for the first time. But when you learn it under the guidance of a professional hypnotherapist, you receive the proper instruction so that you know you are achieving a proper level of hypnosis so as to benefit from it.

Self-Hypnosis Courses at Petra Hypnosis

It can be frustrating to learn self-hypnosis from a book or a video, especially if you are attempting it for the first time. But when you learn it under the guidance of a professional hypnotherapist, you receive the proper instruction so that you know you are achieving a proper level of hypnosis so as to benefit from it.

Now, you can master the techniques of self-hypnosis by participating in the courses at Petra Hypnosis. Anyone can learn this process and use it to make powerful changes in their lives. The process is simple, yet profound in its ability to help one move along in life, moving one past old blockages to success.

A typical basic self-hypnosis course consists of:

• Explaining how the mind works
• How hypnosis works
• How to induce self-hypnosis
• How to construct hypnotic suggestions to make the changes that you desire

The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

One of the forms of self-hypnosis taught at Petra Hypnosis is called the Path Self-Hypnosis®. Imagine freeing yourself from all of the stress, negative programming and painful emotions from the past. Imagine living in the moment and never over-reacting again by getting either too angry, frustrated, or sad. Imagine being able to “program” yourself for success. What if that was possible? Would you do it? Now you can!

This is make possible and is not difficult because of a self-improvement process called 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®. The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® is an exciting development in the field of Mind-Body-Spirit personal development. It is changing lives all across the USA and around the world.

This powerful and holistic approach of self-hypnosis enables the practitioners to break free of old habits and limiting beliefs, then begin to create new beneficial habits and move beyond what the old limited self was able to accomplish.

The 7th Path™ System does this by first removing old negative programming such as limiting beliefs and habits from your past, then, you begin to work on any specific issue that you care to focus on.

In summary, practitioner of 7th Path will benefit in astounding life changing ways. You will learn how to:

• Quickly go into a powerful state of 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.
• Deprogram the subconscious mind and program yourself for success.
• Uncover and remove blockages that you may not be aware of.
• Integrate “higher power” consciousness into self-hypnosis.
• Clear old emotional baggage and set yourself free for success!

Selected Testimonials from Self-Hypnosis Participants

“This course reinforces my positive thinking and that relieves me and makes me reflect on the root of my negative thoughts.”
– Matthew

“This is a very effective workshop as I’ve found myself becoming a more confident and positive person. Previously, I was fearful of failures and of others judging me. Now I believe in myself. Fauziah has been very clear in her explanation and she motivates me to practise 7th Path in my life.”
– Noraini Ibrahim

“The concepts are very deep and powerful. It has been a very life altering experience to find out everything is in the mind. We feel things happening to us at the physical level, but all the levels are in the mind. The pre-Recognition talks are very good as they set the right platform for the Recognitions to have the right impact.”
– Sanjeev Verma

“Thanks Ms Fauziah for your wonderful lessons. I like your voice a lot and the story sharing session. Also through the Echo sharing sessions, I learnt about myself better and get the opportunity to learn from the others. Today is the third lesson but I’ve already seen how powerful practising 7th Path is. I have become more patient, confident, and tolerant and I love myself more. Thanks again Ms Fauziah for conducting this course. You’re very knowledgeable and willing to answer our questions and clear our doubts. You always provide good solutions/suggestions to us.”
– Jessphine Lim

“It has been an enlightening experience for me. The first three lessons have provided an insight on the 7th Path self-hypnosis process. Ms Fauziah is well versed in this field and able to relate the 7th Path techniques to real-life issues. Recommended course for all ages.”
– Mohd Nazir

“I would like to thank Petra and Fauziah for a very informative workshop. I see many potential in this technique especially for self-improvement, motivation and advancement and coming to terms with oneself. The sessions had always been very close and intimate between all the participants. Thanks.”
– Azmi Rahmat

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