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Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Course

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Full-Time Course Intake March 2021 (March 1 – March 19, 2021)

Part-Time Course Begins June 2021 (June 5 – August 28, 2021, every Saturday)

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National Guild of Hypnotists Approved- Banyan Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Certification Super Course- 5 PATH® IAHP Authorized Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy Instructor

Petra Hypnosis & Training Centre is an approved training centre by the 5-PATH® International Association of Hypnosis Professionals and the Trainer Fauziah Shah is not only a Certified Instructor with NGH, the National Guild of Hypnotists but also an accomplished trainer (CPHI) with the 5-PATH ® International Association of Hypnosis Professionals.

Fauziah Shah is also the founding President of the Association of Hypnosis Professionals (Singapore) – AHPS. Fauziah had received the Professional Leadership Award 2016 at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention in August 2016 in Marlborough, USA in recognition of her contribution to the profession of hypnotism. She was also recently awarded the prestigious CPHI of the year award for 2019 at the same place for her role in teaching 5 PATH® & 7th Path® to the world.  Both awards were awarded with courtesy from the Banyan Hypnosis Centre, USA.

PETRA Hypnosis has been providing hypnotherapy one-on-one client sessions since early 2004 and conducting hypnosis training courses since 2006. This was long before the hypnosis and hypnotherapy field became known as a popular alternative mental health option in Singapore. Hence PETRA can be considered a leading pioneer in the hypnosis and hypnotherapy field in Singapore.

This course is designed by Cal Banyan, USA to produce confident and competent hypnosis professionals. This is a high quality, professional accelerated hypnosis training program. Those who excel in this are those who can claim to be among the 1%ers in the world.


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Petra Hypnosis always over-delivers. All our students are pleasantly surprised when they realize that they get more value for the money they invest in our training!

What some of our Graduates said about our Training Program:

Fauziah is an inspirational teacher and very passionate about her teaching on hypnotherapy.

Kumareswaran Superamaniam, President of Yoga Sports Singapore, Hypnotist, KL, Malaysia

This course helped me a lot to understand myself and to find a way to change and improve myself.

Beaume Laurence, PhD, France

Instructor is experienced, knowledgeable and makes lessons interesting. Course is useful and practical both as a profession and passion.

Keat San Kong, B.A., Hypnotist, Astrologer, Singapore

Instructor is very knowledgeable with lots of experiences to share; she’ll monitor and supervise to make sure that practice is done right.

Kettrin Ang, Enrichment Centre Owner, Hypnotist, Singapore

Very useful course for self development and very rich in information with a lot of examples.  Advanced Techniques are very powerful.

Anouck Ledoux, Reiki Master, Hypnotist, France

Ms Fauziah Shah is knowledgeable and approachable as a trainer. She shared willingly, beyond the scope of the syllabus. Her warmth and sense of humour enlivens the class.

Mas’amah Ruah, School Counselor, Hypnotist, Singapore

Very interesting and dynamic class; she teaches us very well. Fauziah teaches with great patience and dedication.

Juli Triharto, Mind Slim Master Coach, Hypnotist & Hypnosis Trainer, Jakarta, Indonesia

This course has effectively provided me with the skills, knowledge and attitude to practice hypnotherapy in a professional manner. Fauziah is a great trainer, very dedicated to the training and passionate on the subject. She also shares the wealth of her experiences which I felt is invaluable.

Johnny Lee, BSc (Hons), Life Coach & Soft Skills Trainer, Hypnotist & Hypnosis Trainer, Singapore

This course is fulfilling and knowledge-based all the way and especially because of our teacher Fauziah, we enjoyed the course even better. I will be ten times more powerful every time I do 7th Path self hypnosis that I learnt.

Ferdousi Abdullah, Karate Black Belt & Hypnotist, Bangla Desh

The course is very informative and is just what was expected. The instructor Fauziah made learning easy as she was passionate in her teaching during lessons as well as in other areas related to hypnotherapy.

Cassandra Lee, Psychology Major, Hypnotist, UK

I have been researching and practicing hypnosis for more than ten years now, still this course gave me insights of in-depth knowledge about hypnosis and the change work. Fauziah is a wonderful teacher and a great human being, really lively with positive energy.

Phyle, IT Support/ Marketing Personnel, Singapore

The course was compact and extremely well-run. Hypnotherapy and the practice of self hypnosis has helped me, and I’ve felt the effects of this process within a week of attending the course.

Anonymous, Singapore

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Major Topics in the Training Course:

  1. Ethical Practice and Contraindications
  2. How to prepare, test and convince a client
  3. How to turn each client into an excellent hypnotic subject
  4. How to hypnotize a person confidently
  5. How to use convincers and testing to get maximum results
  6. Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Minds
  7. Mind Body Connection
  8. Power of Words and Suggestions
  9. The Laws of Suggestions
  10. Learning how to write suggestions and how to create the right script for giving direct suggestions
  11. How to covertly test a client to determine the proper depth level of hypnosis
  12. Advanced Basics into intermediate work and into advanced work
  13. Classical Inductions followed by Rapid and Instant Inductions
  14. All the requirements in the Basic NGH syllabus
  15. Master the steps in the 5-PATH systematic approach (5-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy)
  16. Age Regression, Age Progression and Time Tunneling Techniques
  17. Inner Child Work & Insight Therapy
  18. Forgiveness Work (of others and self)
  19. Understanding the Secret Language of Feelings
  20. A good understanding of emotions and what really motivates people
  21. Learning how to deal with sadness, fears, anger and guilt and other negative emotions
  22. Learning how to deal with stress, anxiety and depression
  23. Learn how to deal with most problems, whether it is fear based, anxiety based or belief based.
  24. Parts Mediation Work to deal with secondary gain issues
  25. Some idea of Informed Soul Work & hypnosis for children
  26. 7th Path Self Hypnosis Insight Therapy- learn how to neutralize old, erroneous programming; anti virus software that works automatically
  27. How to start your own practice?
  28. How to work with medical professionals and get referrals
  29. Quizzes to reinforce concepts and reviews of hypnosis case studies

Mode of Instruction

  • Demonstrations by Trainer
  • Practice Sessions/ Role Play
  • Watching Videos of live sessions
  • Quizzes and Discussions
  • Metaphors/ Stories
  • Case Studies

Included Materials & Benefits in the Training Course:

  1. Level 1 Hypnosis Mastery Manual
  2. Level 2 Advanced Hypnotherapy
  3. Secret Language of Feelings book
  4. How to lose weight using 5-PATH CD
  5. How to quit smoking using 5-PATH CD
  6. 7th Path Self Hypnosis Manual
  7. One Year membership to the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA
  8. National Guild of Hypnotists Certification included in the tuition of the course
  9. Quarterly World Class NGH Hypnosis Journal sent to your home
  10. Quarterly NGH Hypnogram online bulletin
  11. One Year Discounts and Privileges as NGH Member
  12. One Year Membership to IAPH (5-PATH International Association of Professional Hypnotherapy)
  13. Eligible to join AHPS (Association of Hypnosis Professionals Singapore) & receive ongoing local support including professional indemnity
  14. Additional Notes

Obtain World Class Certifications Upon Graduation

  1. National Guild of Hypnotists Consulting Hypnotist Certification
  2. Master Hypnotist Certification
  3. 5 PATH® Hypnotherapist Certification
  4. 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher Certification (conditional upon signing of the teacher’s agreement and purchasing three 7th Path® booklets at S$18.90 each

Reasons Why We are the Top Choice for Hypnosis Certification Training

  • Accelerated Training

Professional accelerated hypnotherapy training, over 100 hours of training in just 10 to 11 days.

  • Accredited Training

PETRA Hypnosis & Training Centre Pte Ltd is an established school providing training courses since 2006 . The trainer Fauziah Shah is a professional hypnosis/ hypnotherapy instructor who is experienced and is highly qualified to teach the NGH & 5-PATH® IAPH courses.

  • Award Winning Trainer

Fauziah Shah received the Professional Leadership Award in August 2016 at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention from the Banyan Hypnosis Centre for her contribution to the field of professional hypnotism. She also received the prestigious CPHI of the year award in 2019 for her role in teaching 5-PATH® & 7th Path® to the world.

Fauziah is the Founding President of AHPS (Association of Hypnosis Professionals Singapore) that was approved as a society on Sep 15th 2015 and elected President since April 2018.

Fauziah Shah is also the recipient of the NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist (BCH) title in 2006 which shows her competence and skill in hypnosis/ hypnotherapy.

  • Real Live Hypnosis Demonstrations

Learn by watching your trainer perform live demonstrations of hypnosis in class and practicing it with your classmates and volunteers if any.

  • Newest and Most Effective Systems and Techniques

Emphasis on modern and effective hypnosis & hypnotherapy techniques such as instant and rapid inductions, depth testing, age regression hypnosis, time tunneling, insight work and more.

  • See Real Hypnosis Work done with Real Clients

Watch real hypnosis therapy sessions with real clients on video.

  • Practice what you are learning

Structured exercises are provided for supervised practice daily to build your confidence and competence

  • Best Support after Graduation

Online support groups, new 5-PATH® IAPH online Journal and unsurpassed support by phone and email.

  • After-Course Support

Those who need more help can use the three months after the course to come back to do practice sessions for free. They can always rely on the trainer for clarifications and professional advice for free. Those who want to do supervision after the course can approach the trainer after the course at a reasonable fee.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis® – A Mind-Body-Spirit / Philosophical Approach to Self-Hypnosis

You will be able to learn and use 7th Path™, a unique form of self-hypnosis that was designed to be used with a holistic, mind-body-spirit or philosophical approach. This perspective adds tremendously to the power of self-hypnosis. You will learn how to use it personally, or to teach it to your clients.

  • Learn how to hypnotize yourself
  • Learn how to conduct a group induction
  • Learn how to teach self-hypnosis courses
  • Learn how to expand your practice and get more clients by teaching self-hypnosis classes
  • Learn how to teach self-hypnosis to clients making them more successful
  • Learn how to remove blockages to success with 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

A Brief Look at the Trainer’s Profile

  • The trainer Fauziah Shah holds a BA and MA in English with special interest in learning disorders from the National University of Singapore and was reading Psychology at James Cook University Singapore before enrolling in the Master of Science in Mental Health Psychology at the University of Liverpool (ongoing) course. Fauziah believes in life-long learning.
  • After working as a school teacher with the Ministry of Education, Singapore for many years, Fauziah resigned from mainstream teaching and set up a private education centre called PETRA Education Centre. Her training in Counselling came in handy during this period.
  • Having dealt with the academic achievement of students, both children and adults, she realized the importance of mental and emotional stability and well being. She found that students who were emotionally stable performed better than those saddled with emotional challenges. That was when she started looking for ways to enhance her ability to help the students not only academically but also mentally and emotionally. That began her journey into the field of psychotherapy, which included hypnotherapy.
  • Fauziah Shah has conducted thousands of individual hypnotherapy and counselling sessions since early 2004, and continues to train, supervise and coach other hypnotherapists. She owns Petra Hypnosis & Training Centre Pte Ltd where the system of 5-PATH® hypnotherapy & 7th Path® self-hypnosis is used to help clients with a broad range of challenges. Other hypnotherapy and psychotherapy tools are also utilized at her centre including counselling and energy healing.
  • Fauziah is an NGH Board Certified Hypnotist/ Hypnotherapist, and an NGH Instructor who has been published in the NGH Hypno-Gram in Nov 2014 and in the online 5 PATH Journal. Fauziah has written numerous articles on hypnosis and they were published in various magazines over the years. Fauziah is also a Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor (CPHI) authorized to do the 5 PATH® & 7th Path hypnosis®/ hypnotherapy training course.
  • Fauziah is the recipient of the prestigious BHC award: Professional Leadership Award at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention, August 2016. She also received the prestigious CPHI of the year award in 2019 for her role in teaching 5-PATH® & 7th Path® to the world.
  • Many of Fauziah’s graduates are successful hypnotherapists and two of her students have become trainers themselves. Fauziah Shah, a Certified Master Trainer with IACT has had her training centre approved as a training centre by IMDHA, USA prior to her choosing to train exclusively for NGH.
  • Of utmost importance to note for potential students- Fauziah’s experience as an educator for a substantial portion of her life prior to becoming a hypnotherapist. She knows how to teach, and she understands her students’ needs.

In What Ways can You be a Change-Maker and Help Society?

Today many people face stress-related issues, anxiety and depression more than ever before. Many of these people are not equipped to handle life’s challenges.

  1. The professional hypnotist/ hypnotherapist provides a much needed service in today’s society using safe and natural methods to deal with many of these mental and emotional issues.
  2. Hypnotists can help people overcome challenges, get rid of bad habits, neutralize emotions from the past, remove past baggage, achieve their goals and also learn how to relax and be calm amidst the chaos around them.
  3. The work that hypnotists do can help people deal with their stress, pain and suffering. In other words, the hypnotherapy profession is a recession proof career option as people will always need professional therapeutic help, be it during good times as well as bad.
  4. A hypnosis session can do wonders even for people who think they have no issues as they can benefit by feeling calmer, more relaxed and more confident.

Who should Consider Doing this Course?

  • Individuals seeking to change their career or profession
  • Individuals interested to use hypnosis in their current job or profession
  • Health care professionals and therapists who want to help people under their care
  • Hypnotherapists trained in other schools of thought who want to be trained in 5 PATH & 7th Path Self Hypnosis
  • Directors, Managers, Principals, Teachers and Lawyers who would like to learn how to boost the performance of their subordinates, students or clients
  • Those keen to use this knowledge and expertise in helping others heal
  • Healers, coaches and professional speakers who want to take their profession to the next level
  • Individuals keen to use their spare time learning and practicing something useful for them
  • Those who would like to transform their lives

Extra Benefits of Doing this Course

  • Hour-for-hour continuing education credits are given for this course.
  • All students are equipped to start practicing upon graduation but they need to practice what they have learnt.
  • All relevant materials to succeed in this field shall be provided.
  • Extra materials to ensure more success are provided by the Banyan Hypnosis Centre at 33% discount to new graduates of the course.
  • Graduates can attend a similar course upon graduation with a token miscellaneous fee.

Foreign Students

Foreign students are most welcome. We have had students from Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, India, the Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong and Mongolia attend our full-time hypnotherapy certification courses.

If given ample time, we can assist our foreign students to source appropriate accommodation for the duration of the course.

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