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Beryl was a very patient & passionate trainer. She made us feel very comfortable and was not pressurizing; leaving us to make our own decisions on what we wanted to do. She also gave us a lot of helpful tips and shared her own childbirth experience which was very reassuring for us. Overall, we are very grateful for her help. Highly recommended! – Stephanie Teo

Hi Beryl, I enjoyed your hypnobirthing class. It’s really fantastic. You delivered all the information in such an interesting and easy to understand format. Thank you so much for conducting these sessions for me. I have so much confidence now that i know that i can archive more relaxing, unmedicated and gentle birth. – Alya

Birth Story of Stephanie

Birth-StoryAs a first-time mom, one of the things that I feared the most was the labour process itself. Since young, the media had taught me that childbirth was a painful (if not the most painful) and even dangerous/life-threatening experience a woman would face. It did not help that when I attended pre-pregnancy webinars on the subject that all the Doctors immediately started talking about pain management options using drugs and methods of assisted delivery, as if a drug-free natural labour was out of the question.

One doctor even described epidural as “the best gift to women”. However, when I further researched on epidural, I found I was even more frightened of the way it was administered since I had always feared needles. Therefore, when I heard about hypnobirthing from a post on a Facebook group, I was curious to find out more.

Both my husband and I were sceptical at first but after Beryl explained to us the principal of hypnobirthing and her own personal childbirth experience, it really resonated with what I wished my own childbirth experience would be like. I would describe hypnobirthing as somewhat like an athlete “psyching” himself up for the big race, only that it is a woman “psyching” herself up for her labour using scientific facts about childbirth but also positive thoughts.

The facts on childbirth presented during the course made me feel empowered to take control of my own labour process and be mentally strong to bear the contractions when the time came. The breathing and massage techniques taught also came in useful, particularly the massages my husband gave me when I was in labour. I managed to deliver my baby naturally without the use of epidural or injections and with the baby still enclosed in the amniotic sac – which i later learned is very rare (only 1 in 80,000 births are en caul births as most of the time the movements of the baby during the vigorous labour process would break the amniotic sac). I am glad that my baby had a peaceful birthing process still protected inside the amniotic sac. Hypnobirthing definitely had a part to play in helping me achieve a peaceful natural childbirth.

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