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HypnoBirthing Course Details

HypnoBirthing Course Includes:

  • A comprehensive, evidence-based program consisting of 5 x 2.5hour classes
  • The official HypnoBirthing Textbook, HypnoBirthing– The Mongan Method
  • Audio tracks for your relaxation, stress reduction, and bonding (Including the program’s cornerstone track, Rainbow Relaxation)
  • Class handouts including relaxation scripts and birth preferences template

What We Teach Week by Week

Session 1: Building A Positive Expectancy

Session 2: Falling in Love with Your Baby/Preparing Mind & Body

Session 3: Getting Ready to Welcome your Baby

Session 4: Overview of Childbirth—A Labor of Love

Session 5: Birthing—Breathing Love, Bringing Life

You will Learn:

  • How to achieve a safer, easier and more comfortable birth
  • Techniques of deep relaxation to help you eliminate fear & tension
  • How to create your body’s own natural relaxant for natural pain relief
  • Gentle birthing techniques that allow you to breathe your baby into the world, reducing the likelihood of tearing
  • The art of using your own natural birthing instincts so you birth fully aware and in control, but profoundly relaxed.


  • 以循证为基础(全面) (五堂课.每堂二个半小时)
  • 催眠分娩官方英语教科书《催眠分娩-蒙根法》
  • 放松,减轻压力和母子亲密关系的英语音轨(包括课程基础音轨,彩虹放松)
  • 课堂讲义,包括放松脚本和分娩方案样板








  • 如何实现更安全,更轻松和更舒适的分娩
  • 深层放松技巧可帮助您消除恐惧和紧张感
  • 如何引造自己的天然放松剂,以自然的缓解疼痛
  • 温柔的分娩技术,使您可以将宝宝温柔的带到世界上,减少外阴撕裂的可能性
  • 利用自己的自然分娩本能,使你可以在深度放松的状态下,全程自觉并掌控自己的分娩。

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