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This workshop is for: All people who work with children; parents, school teachers, pediatricians, tutors, aunts, uncles, elder siblings, social workers, counselors, therapists or anyone else who would like to understand children, their mindset and how to get them to listen to you and learn from them.

Objective: To learn the skills necessary to be able to communicate with children in a better, more productive way that will enhance the children’s self esteem and self worth, and to appreciate the many practical tips for managing children.

Every participant can get the best seller book on Conscious Parenting, which retails at S$35, at only S$27. The rest of the price will be absorbed by us. The course will cover other important information that is not contained in the book, complete with real life case studies of parent-child interactions.

Trainer: Ms. Fauziah Shah
Former Educationist with a Masters Degree in English with special interest in learning disorders from NUS, Singapore
Former Director/ Principal/ Senior Trainer at Petra Education Centre, Singapore (12 years)
Former School Teacher with the Ministry of Education, Singapore
Attended and conducted numerous workshops for all ages in schools, at corporations, Mendaki, Sinda and private organizations
Appeared on TV and radio on a number of topics, for example on 93.8 to be interviewed about Teenagers and how to communicate with them effectively and also on The Power of Suggestions and the Power of words (2012)
Appeared on Channel NewsAsia on a Super Parent Show as one of the two experts in 2011
Consultant for a Phonics program televised on Okto Channel in 2012: Zumba, Zimba & Zamba
Currently a hypnotherapist/ psychotherapist and EMDR Clinician at Petra Hypnosis and Training Centre

Many well meaning parents think they know what’s best for their children, but do they stop to think that these children are going to grow up and tell a different story? Are parents aware of their power to mould and programme their children without even realising it? That they are sometimes the cause of the problems that they complain of like children lying to them and hiding stuff from them. It is time to find out how you can be a better parent or care giver or guide.

Most parents and adults are very busy with their own lives and many find it a chore to look after children, especially when children these days are very demanding unlike the children in the past. Each generation seem to think that subsequent generations are bolder and brasher. Many adults also complain about misbehavior, temper tantrums and increasing violence among children and are at their wit’s end, not knowing what they could do to salvage the situation. If only they knew what to do, things would be much better. Unfortunately, many are unable to handle these children who themselves feel misunderstood and sidelined. This course will equip participants with a working knowledge of the psychology of these children and how they can bridge the gap between them.

Unlike in the past where the focus was more of teaching children to be tough to face the world, today’s parents are more interested in raising happy, responsible and conscious individuals. However they have no clue how to do this mainly because there is no curriculum in school that teaches this aspect of parenting. And many parents just continue using the methods used by their parents and grandparents that worked in the past but do not work in the present day. New skills are now necessary and this course will prepare participants with the relevant knowledge.

All in all, participants will have some basic understanding of child development and how to give appropriate support at the right time. They will learn to appreciate their children better and most importantly, they will learn how to nurture the child’s physical and social development and also the child’s development of the mind, body and spirit and in all spheres of life.

The participants will be given ample evidence to show how important it is to be supportive of their child’s growth and what they can do to avoid hindering their child’s growth. Many parents always accuse their children of being liars without realizing that they had encouraged it subconsciously without meaning to. So in this course the participants will learn how they can transform themselves so that they can empower the children in their lives. When we have mentally, emotionally and physically healthy adults, we have healthier children as well.

“Receive the child with deep respect, raise him with love, and let him go in freedom.” – Rudolf Steiner

Parents today are in a very unique situation when it comes to parenting. They are free in the sense that most live in nuclear families and they can decide how to take care of their children without the ‘interference’ of grandparents or other well meaning individuals. However these parents are alone, they have no one to turn to and have to take important child rearing decisions on their own. Many young couples mess up their children’s lives without meaning to just because they were busy and did not know how to be conscious parents. This course aims to direct them in the right direction. Parents with older children will also benefit from this course and learn how they can undo the damage they had already done or they can learn skills to maintain the good relations that they had already established.

Today it is all the more important to check on parenting styles to see if they are conducive to the upbringing of a normal, healthy child. Every adult who interacts with children, even older siblings, can benefit from this course. Participants will learn the three main hallmarks to conscious, unconditional parenting.

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